How to configure the HidemyAss Client on Windows?

The best way to Setup VPN With Conceal My Ass VPN


From Hide My Ass VPN, the VPN program is excellent, but occasionally it makes sense as you are going to get better speeds to make use of the build in VPN client. In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how you can setup a VPN connection Hide ass VPN.

To begin with you require an account with Hide My Ass VPN. If you produce one and don’t head on over.

Very first thing you should do is log of Hide My Ass VPN to the manage panel. Search for the PPTP servers on the left-hand side and click the hyperlink. On another page scroll down and search for the PPTP User-Name and password (not the password that is same as your password that is basic).

  • Password windows and vPN username and Conceal My Butt
  • Subsequently locate a host on the listing you would like to hook up to. Choose note of the Internet Protocol address.
  • With Hide My Ass VPN, vPN server-ip address
  • Visit the start button on choose control panels and your computer.
  • Select “community and WWW”
  • Then select “community and Sharing Facility”
  • Click on “Set up a fresh connection or community”
  • On the popup window select “connect into a place of work”
  • In the following screen choose “No, make a fresh connection”
  • On the following measure select “use my web connection (VPN)”
  • Subsequently on the following display copy and paste the servers ip and give the relationship a title of you picking. Select “do not link now, simply set it up so I can join later”
  • On the following screen fill out your user name and password for the PPTP link. Don’t paste in your password – you must type when you link it or you’ll get an error. Choose recall this password.
  • Subsequently on the final display click join and you Windows will set up a link with the VPN server.