The Government Network
Applications and Implementation

The platform will consist of a network of incorruptible, interconnected decentralized services, each optimized for their purpose, together greater than the sum of their parts. Transparent by design, the platform will operate as a self-regulating entity, governed through an impartial consensus mechanism and constitution, in jargon referred to as a Distributed Autonomous Organisation or DAO. Practical in approach, the DAO works in conjunction with society for the betterment of individuals, communities, and global governance.

The Government Network is not focussed around solving any particular problem, rather it intends to provide an ecosystem of governance related services to innovate and improve the current rule of law. Examples of these services are an identity management hub, escrow and arbitration solutions and voting solutions, to list a few.

The Government makes use of a front-end application called ‘The Forum’, accessible by smartphones and browsers, providing users access points to all of the Government Network and third-party services built on the Network. The forum, as a portal has channels for social interaction, trade, education, information exchange, and shared participation in establishing policies and conflict resolution.

Government Network API


  • Decentralised Identity Management Hub
  • B2B, B2C marketplace and solutions
  • Financial solutions using a stable cryptocurrency
  • Escrow and arbitration solutions - E Commerce
  • Proof of authenticity
  • Citizen governance through the DAO
  • Voting, polling and petition solutions
  • Social Exchange - Communication and voicing platform
  • Third-party applications

Decentralized Sovereign Identity Management

Building the network, gaining mindshare into the space, engaging hundreds of millions of participants, is a practical journey of many steps and a long-term plan.The Government network works towards near-term achievements to bring significant traction and real-world use cases to the platform. The initial focus will be on several verticals which can, along with economic drivers, mature into billion-dollar industries in their own right within a reasonable time frame; examples being our:

  • Identity Management Hub
  • Escrow and arbitration services
  • Voting, polling and petition services

To realise the above, the Government Network will actively partner with governments, corporations and communities, building applications serving their immediate needs in exchange for expansion and potential trade agreements.