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Vision, Mindshare, Values and Attitude

The Government Network is developing a platform to innovate governance throughout the world. Through initially focussing on the implementation of applications serving direct market needs, the Government Network will cultivate mindshare and creates the drivers required to support the implementation of its vision ...

Increasing Cryptocurrency Adoption in eCommerce

... In the light of these numbers, combined with the need for efficiency within market forces, Cryptocurrency has the potential to become a sagnificant means of exchange. However, the following three factors must be present in order to ensure such evolution: Ease-of-use, Pressence of an economic driver, Trust mechanisms between market actors.

Self-Sovereign Identity Solutions

In this blog we will examine some of the challenges and solutions for decentralized sovereign identity by walking through how a university can implement a petition service for its students, along with deeper integration of identity into its facilites.

Our Digital Identity Within a New Paradigm

A new paradigm called self-sovereign identity brings the sharing of our personal attributes in the digital world back under our control. This blog lists the qualities of what self-sovereign identity is, in simpler terms. Some believe that the ability to easily share verifiable information about ourselves with full privacy compliance is the killer application for blockchain technology.

Efraim Wyeth on Promoting Just, Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

Of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, I am fascinated most by the potential for positive change represented by Goal 16, the effort to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Global Africa Business Club Partnership

The Global Africa Business Club (GABC) and the Government Network started the development of a platform which is geared towards facilitating trade and the movement of goods across Africa and the rest of the world. Providing African businesses with an infrastructure which compliments their national legal and financial frameworks which is geared towards Pan-Africa Globalisation.


An Interview by CryptoPotato reporter Max Rochman of the Government Network Leaders

Rethinking the Role of Governments

Together we are building a decentralised peer-to-peer Nation capable of eradicating some of the worlds greatest challenges. The creation of a decentralised borderless Nation is a complex yet achievable endeavour. For the Government Network, it starts with a Constitutional Convention, tasked with rethinking the role of Governments and how Society should be governed.

How to Contribute

A step by step guide on how to contribute to The Government Network Crowdsale.