Rethinking The Role Of Governments and how Society should (not) be Governed

Jens Lievens, Team Leader

Nov 2018Governance

To our supporters, citizens, and future citizens.

Together we are building a decentralised peer-to-peer Nation capable of eradicating some of the worlds greatest challenges. The creation of a decentralised borderless Nation is a complex yet achievable endeavour. For the Government Network, it starts with a Constitutional Convention, tasked with rethinking the role of Governments and how Society should be governed.

The Convention will define the core principles on which the Nation will be built. The Constitution brought forward by the convention will provide a blueprint as to how the different elements comprising the Nation should be integrated. Amongst these elements are: self-sovereign identity management, decentralised trade, and financial- frameworks and community engagement platforms handling everything from governance to education. Many for-profit companies have paved the way by creating the technical marvels required for the creation of a borderless society. It is up to the Government Network to unite them into an operational framework.

Jens Lievens

The Government Network has chosen to focus on creating immediately marketable applications created in light of the Nation’s goals and vision. An example of this can be found in our partnership with the Global Africa Business Club, for the creation of a borderless business framework for Africa. These applications will help sway minds, bring citizens and economic activity to the nation. All while the Government Network continues development on the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation forming the Nation, expanding its reach and verticals.

Jens Lievens

Project Leader

The Government Network