ExpressVPN – is it any good?

ExpressVPN is a Virtual Private Network service based from America, which offers its users unlimited bandwidth, encryption technology that is top of the range and access to numerous servers found all all over the world. It’s advertised as a product for improving both seclusion and online security.

Besides supplying a safe web connection and shielding a user’s identity, ExpressVPN can be advertised as the geographic limitations put on sites and streaming media content, as well as a way of getting around internet censorship.

The way that It Operates

Upon connecting to among the ExpressVPN servers, customers will realize their web traffic is encrypted, which makes it procure from various on-line dangers, including snooping and hacking. Also, traffic was designed to seem like it’s originating from your server, as opposed to the user’s own apparatus.

Effectively, it follows the user chooses in the server’s IP address as well as their place that is accurate is hidden. Their actual IP address is concealed, shielding their identity when online, while geographic restrictions could be circumvented, as sites will consider an individual is in the place of the server they’re connected to.


The service uses a high quality 256-bit OpenVPN protocol but L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, SSL and PPTP protocols can also be supported. Settings may be fixed inside every provide distinct pros as well as cons and the program. By way of example, cellular telephones support L2TP and offers faster speeds, but is somewhat less safe .

Being based in America presents a negligible security threat, as it means ExpressVPN is subject retention laws. But in spite of it, the logging policy is clear in saying that bandwidth, access times and only login IPs are saved, so that they tend not to maintain records of on-line action that is real like files and site visits . More in this ExpressVPN Review.


ExpressVPN has servers in these states: France, Switzerland, India, Romania, Egypt, Sweden, Finland, USA, Belgium, Luxembourg, Israel, Costa Rica, Norway, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Panama, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, South Korea, Lithuania, Hungary, Canada, Austria, Singapore, Greece, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Brazi, Argentina, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic l.

Pricing and Payment Systems

A monthly subscription to the ExpressVPN service costs $ 12.95, which is on the pricey side of the marketplace. Because of this, those with goals of utilizing the service in the long-term will be guided to register for among the strategies that were longer. A 6 month subscription costs $ 9.99 per month, while a 12 month subscription costs $ 8.92 per month.

In spite of the lack of a trial that is free, the service does come using one month money-back guarantee that is complete, meaning the first 30 days can efficiently function as a trial. They are able to claim the full refund, if your customer is dissatisfied within that period of time. All payment plans may also be cancelled anytime.

When it comes to payment choices, clients can make use of much more and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, WebMoney. Also, for the most security aware users, the Bitcoin money can also be supported, enabling for anonymous sign up. Here is a list of vpn where Bitcoin is accepted as well.


ExpressVPN’s service is harmonious using several different devices, including Macs, PCs, mobile phones and tablet computers. Customers possess a range of the ExpressVPN program, that’s the recommended approach of installment or manual set up. Set Up tutorials for the program on several operating systems and devices are listed below:

Mac OSX:

A full selection of set up tutorials, including manual set up guides, may be located here.

Customer Support

The customer support supplied by ExpressVPN is among its own important plus points. The primary business web site also includes in-depth tutorials for creating the program on numerous devices and offers answers to the most frequent inquiries and concerns, so when many users run into difficulties, they is only going to need an instant visit to the site.

But in case a user does need support on a private level, there is a true 24/7 technical support service managed via live chat. This ensures that help is always accessible to ensure that in case a customer needs help as time goes on, the support team can pick up where they left off last time, and chat conversations are logged.