Announcing The Birth of The Worlds First Borderless Nation

Belize, November 30, 2018

building the first decentralized nation

After months of dedication by our motivated team, with the support and help of our Contributors, our Nation enters its next phase.

In the coming months, the Government Network will focus on the further strengthening of its partnerships as well as the creation and implementation of its first applications.

While significant successes have been made through partnerships and collaborations, supporting the birth of our Nation, our Nation has not succeeded in raising its target, a direct impact of the troubled markets of November. However, the future of our Nation is bright, with significant attention from the private sector, plans for the co-development of key infrastructure, as well as the identification of existing solutions that can be implemented in the larger Ecosystem forming the Government Network.

Our Nation played the role of unifier, bringing together a group of people and entities sharing common beliefs in the direction of our global society. Our Nation will become a framework to combine their findings, beliefs, and products, geared toward a borderless world, contributing to our ecosystem. The Government Network would like to thank its team for their dedication, commitment, and vision. With a special thanks to Jens Lievens, Project Leader, and Michael Khalsa, Visionary Lead, for their significant contribution to the vision, development, and growth of the Nation.

In order to preserve the integrity of the Nation and protect the participants in the Crowdsale, the GOV token will not be listed on an exchange until the crypto market recovers. The Crowdsale will be extended, as the Government Network is confident in the future of the Nation. The token price will be fixed to one price, with a temporarily pause of the Crowdsale allowing for the Nation to structure and update its documents and online presence. In the month of December further information will be shared on the recent developments and future strategy, as well as an update to the milestones.

The Nation thanks its supporters, citizens, and future citizens.

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