The Government Network
Press Release
Sept 12, 2018

The Government Network focuses on becoming a decentralised borderless nation, an ecosystem providing checks and balances to the world’s rule of law.

Belize, 2018/09/12. The Government Network aims to build a borderless nation powered by blockchain technology. First of its kind, a political structure married to technology as a leading example of a digital government environment, to create a free nation built for the people, by the people. The project is tasked with innovating governance models, impacting the global rule of law, decentralizing politics with technology, serving and empowering its citizens.

The framework under which the different branches and procedures of the Government Network will operate will be drafted by a Constitutional Convention. Here, an equally represented group of prominent experts, businessmen and humanists will be tasked with rethinking the role of government as we know it.

The Government Network proposes a sharing economy model, based on decentralized applications, home to a trusted environment amongst market actors through elaborate identity management as the foundation of its economy. The nation will fuel its economy by providing escrow and arbitration services, a platform currency focussed around stability, liquidity and accessibility, physical ID’s and crypto payment cards. Citizens will be incentivised to build decentralised applications on the platform.

The initiative spreads a concept of digital and voluntary participation. The Government Network will provide the tools for its citizens to become self-ruling and achieve their goals independently. The project promises to focus on solutions that serve immediate market needs. A unifying, borderless and decentralised nation, accessible and free for all.

Now raising capital by launching a Crowdsale through its own cryptocurrency called the GOV Token, an ERC 20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Government Network starts its seed round on September 12, 2018 (10:00AM GMT). The Government Network is looking for active partnerships.