Press Release
Progress and Timeline
Feb 2, 2019

Dear Citizens of the Government Network,

To start, the Government Network expressively thanks all its citizens for their ongoing support in the last few months.

Our common project is revolutionary, our mission is not an easy one, the road towards our success is filled with obstacles from outside and within. The Government Network has been making progress in realizing its purpose, however, there remains the need to further finance development, in this respect it is the project’s task to retain its capacity for raising money in the near future.

In order to protect the integrity of the project and its contributors, the Government Network has decided to postpone listing on a high volume exchange until the Crowdsale is reopened. The date at which the Crowdsale will be reopened depends on the readiness of the market.

In the meantime please find an article here on how to withdraw your tokens from our platform, and trade on ……..

In an effort to streamline the operations of the Government Network, the website has been simplified awaiting the relaunch of the Crowdsale. Furthermore, the milestones are currently being recalculated due to the influence of new technological developments in the market, and our capacity to finance the Project.

In the following months, the Government Network will not allocate resources to Marketing and continue working on the project behind the scenes, all in preparation of relaunching the Crowdsale.

We continue to ask for your support and trust, and look forward to changing the world together,

Kind regards,

The Government Network

General enquiries: [email protected]