The best way to Share a VPN Connection

In this tutorial you’ll learn to share a VPN connection This technique is extremely powerful in the event you would like to talk about your VPN connection by means of smart television, x-box, Wii, your apple-tv or another apparatus that can not connect with VPN on its own.


Firstly you must have an account using a VPN supplier. I would suggest using Hide My Ass VPN, which I’ve used with this tutorial. After signed up return to to the tutorial.

1. Set Up VPN

In case you favor screen shots I’ve made a different tutorial with this measure here that tutorial in os-x – in the event you understand what you do just jump and browse the variation that was fast below.

The next thing to do would be to join your Mac into a VPN server of your selection once you’ve signed up with Hide My Ass VPN. Log to the control panel on the Hide My Ass VPN web site and search for “PPTP” to the left. Scroll down and be aware of your user name and password. Afterward pick a host you would like to attach to and copy/paste the IP number.

Now open-system settings on choose Network and your Apple Macintosh. Add a fresh connection by simply clicking the choose and plus VPN. Provide the link a title and click create. Fill in the server user name and IP /password. Ensure the link status is revealed in the menu-bar and choose sophisticated to deliver all traffic. Now you’ve got a VPN connection set up, which you are able to get in the highest part of your display in the menu-bar. Up to now so great. It is the connection we would like to talk about.

2. Sharing the VPN Connection

When you’ve got setup the VPN link and ensured it’s joined and that it operates it is possible to move onto another measure.
I would just like to spell out what’s likely to take place before we begin this measure though. You will share your VPN connection over both Ethernet or WiFi. But you should notice as you connect with the net with that you just can not use the same link. Therefore, if you’re on the web over wireless LAN you can just share your link with other-devices over-ethernet as your wifi card has already been in use. With that taken care of lets move on.

Once again open-system Preferences and also this time appear for Sharing. Empower Internet Sharing and where it claims “Share your link from” choose the VPN connection you’ve only set up. Where it claims “to computers using” choose the suitable interface (please read paragraph above). In the event you are going to be using wireless local area network you should click “WiFi options” and establish a code word.

Whatever you must do is make sure your VPN connection is connected and you then could connect another apparatus, x-box, Wii, smart television or your apple-tv plus they’re going to currently have the ability the VPN connection. Great for unblocking outside the United States of America.